Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Miscellaneous House Happenings

This post will be the definition of hodgepodge...

Vicky splurged and bought herself a delightful DSLR camera a couple weeks ago. In true Vicky fashion, she decided that a photography class would be necessary so that she could make her photos as pretty as what she saw in her head. Gosh, can we talk about how much I love that girl?!

She asked if I'd be willing to be the subject for one of her projects. Naturally, I agreed! There was some running, twirling and jumping involved - but I have to say, this pic in front of my cheery yellow door is my favorite!

One night when I opened the garage to pull in, I realized that the overhead lightbulbs had burned out. No way this girl was going to brave the dark of the garage late at night... and there's no way my sweet, paranoid Vicky would allow that either. 

Luckily, I had some workmen at the house the next day, and they changed the bulbs for me!

I can finally pull my car in the garage, now that the furniture projects (and all of the unpacking) are complete! This is very important considering all of the severe weather we have in Oklahoma - 
hail, storms, tornadoes, oh my! All of the damage done by the tornado last week is devastating, please keep the Okies who lost their family members and their homes in your prayers.

I also opted to have the back - and side garage door - painted white to blend with the trim. Very happy with this choice!

 Excited to share some updated pics of my living room tomorrow! xoxo, E


  1. I love that the garage lights made it into this post!! I laughed out loud when I read it!

  2. Wait, you painted your back door?!? Love it! But didn't know this was happening?!