Monday, May 27, 2013

Be... Our (My)... Guest...

Same old song and dance - refinishing floors, painting walls and woodwork and new ceiling fixture needed

The room instantly looks better with "new" floors and repainted walls!

The guest room has a tiny closet, but it's perfect for my winter sweaters/coats/shoes and other random items to be stored. Obviously the wrong shelves were in the closet when this picture was taken.

This chandelier was the catalyst that started the entire home buying process. Don't think me silly, but I'd been dreaming of this chandelier for months and my parents surprised me with it for Christmas. Obviously, I needed the proper place to house it (quite literally), so the house search began!

The guest bedroom is STILL in progress. It was definitely the catch all for the movers as they brought things into the house. Eek! What a mess!

Starting to look better - at least a little more organized!

Because of the size of the bedrooms, I opted to put my dresser in the guest room. I thought it might be a little bit of a pain to go into the guest for undergarments and pajamas, but so far so good!

I will actually have furniture for this room this summer sometime. Nanny is giving me the twin bed that was Momma's when she was little!

Happy Memorial Day!
xoxo, E

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