Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Skating on Thin Ice

Ice skating is my favorite sport to watch during the Winter Olympics. I love the grace and athleticism.

I don't remember going ice skating as a kid. In my adult life, I've skated only once - and it was for work. (If you call going around the outdoor rink twice with my right hand glued to the wall "skating.")

So, the idea of going to a year-round indoor rink and trying my hand at ice skating seemed like a good task for my 26 while 26 list.

I had Monday off from work due to President's Day - and after waking up to ice and snow on the ground - it seemed like a good day to go skate on the ice inside.

I was highly skeptical that I would have any fun (this was mostly my fear talking because I didn't want to fall and embarrass myself and be bad at skating) but by golly I was going to skate because it was on my list of things to do.

After two times around the rink - tentatively resting my hand on the wall - I finally had to let go and skate around a young girl in front of me who was doing the same.

Suddenly, skating became a lot more fun!

(This is my "I really hope I don't fall right now while the picture is being taken" face)

The best thing about creating my 26 while 26 list is the new experiences I "force" myself into. Turns out I have a lot more fun when I get out of my routine! (Blurry photo due to the fact that I'm now a speed skater, obvs)

(Clearly, I'm ready to go pro with this stellar technique... on dry land!)

I might not be the next Michele Kwan - but I'm no longer the kid who's glued to the wall. I'd call that an ice skating success!

xoxo, E

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