Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Rock the Boat, Baby

I have found that with every show I do for Loops & Belles, I learn so many things about myself.

For example, I can let fear get the best of me...

Rock the Boat was my first outdoor event for L&B and I was anxious about the weather. (Which, let's be honest, is a common concern in Oklahoma.)

I was worried that it might rain. I was worried that it'd be unbearably hot. I was worried that the wind would knock over my lightweight products throughout the 6-hour event. 

I. Was. Worried.

But, as per usual, my mom encouraged me to do the event anyway and simply said, "We'll figure it out!"

The forecast called for sunny skies, 90 degree temps, and 10mph winds. Ok... we can do this.

Thank goodness Momma was here to be my booth buddy again! She came up with a system right out of the gate that would keep my prints and cards securely in their place. Poof, there went my anxiety!!

I was so happy to see sweet Moxie - and her mama - when they stopped by the booth for a bit! Mox also spent some time wowing us with her reading skills. The girl's got game!

Another show is in the books! And we have perfected the quick and efficient setup/tear down. It was so fun to be a part of Rock the Boat in Bricktown.

(It was also really fun to see the event play out from a different role. Bonus fact: this was an event that I'd planned the last 2 years at my old job. So, it was fun to see some of my old co-workers as well!!)

I'm excited to spend the next few weeks working on some new designs for Loops & Belles. If only I could find a pool to dip my toes in to spur the creativity... wink wink. 

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xoxo, E

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