Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Let's go for a dive!

I mentioned yesterday that it's been pretty crazy lately, as we had two major events within 15 days of one another. What's funny is, I hardly took any photos at either event. That's how you know things were really busy -- this girl is always taking photos and always trying to capture the moments.

Luckily, we have an awesome Community Relations Coordinator who did some spectacular social media during both events.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Deep Deuce Dive...

We worked with community partners to create an event that included a 150 foot long slip 'n' slide, live music, an outdoor beer garden, games, and food trucks!

An empty street filled with orange construction cones is an event coordinator's dream! Plenty of room for vendors and food trucks.

There I go! I volunteered to take the first ride down the slip 'n' slide at 6am. I needed to test it out before the morning news cycle! It was the "responsible" thing to do. ::wink wink::

And when it's over 100 degrees and the hottest day of the summer, double fisting Route 44 drinks from Sonic is a necessity. 

Giant Beer Pong & Giant Jenga for the win!

The live music pulled in a great crowd. I'd endure the hottest summer temps to hear Stephen Salewon play!

It's always so exciting when a first time event is a huge success - and the Deep Deuce Dive was definitely that! But I'd be lying if I said I didn't crash within 5 seconds of my head hitting the pillow after the event.

Stay tuned for more event fun tomorrow!

xoxo, E

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