Friday, February 17, 2012

The Stall

We've all heard "Pride cometh before the fall."

Well, I've realized that in my life, another version of that... "Pride cometh before the stall."

If you've already heard this story, I apologize.

When I was in college I had dreams and aspirations of planning New York Fashion Week and the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics...

(gymnastics, diving and swimming are the reason to watch the summer olympics - I'm even considering using paid time off from work this summer to watch them - I digress).

Also while in college, I was telling someone that I was getting my degree in Entertainment Business and my focus was Special Events.

The words that followed my (what might as well have been a memorized speech of how I explained my major and goals) answer defined the course of what has happened since...

"Oh, so you want to be a party planner?"

Wait for it... wait for it...

What happened in real life: Smile and change the subject.

What happened in my head: NO! I want to plan extraordinary events that people will talk about! Events that get media attention! Events that MATTER! Not some kid's 3rd birthday party!

Deep breath...

Anyway, after that encounter I decided that I didn't want to be a "party planner" and wanted to do something "more" with my life.

aka - the "stall" of what my God given talents and gifts could lead me into as a career in event planning.

Now, I shake my head at that immature and prideful "college Elizabeth."

Fast forward to "14 month (today actually!) post-college graduate Elizabeth" - I spend my free time drooling over all of the perfectly executed parties that I see on the blogs I subscribe to. No detail overlooked or forgotten.

Planning Doublemint's bridal shower has my event planner juices flowing again - Now, I'd love to plan a kid's birthday party - anyone want to volunteer their child's upcoming celebration to my cause?

Seriously, how cute are these parties: Dino-mite Birthday Party, Dr. Seuss Party and Golf Theme Party (just a few of my favorites!)

I'm off to Dallas this weekend, and I'm hopeful that Mommacita will help me shop for some serving plates for Doublemint's shower - ooooooh I just can't wait to show you all that I've got planned for this shower - but she reads the blog so it's got to stay a secret for now!

So, who knows... maybe I still have a future with New York Fashion Week - or even the Olympics - I wonder where they'll be in 2020. OMG, goal: be involved with the olympics in 2020 (what a cool year!! #dorkmoment)

I hope you have a great weekend! I seriously could not be more excited for this weekend with Mommacita. Missing her so much and this girl's weekend is going to be just the thing I need!

Live life glamorously,

p.s. Thank you BLC for the shout out today!!

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